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Phillip Gwynne and Tony Flowers

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Greta May, an Adelaide Tattooist, said "I think it's amazing to read a story for children that abolishes the stigma around tattoos." @MysticMay.Tattoos

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Grandma’s First Tattoo

Buy Grandma's first tattoo, for yourself, your family and friends! Bulk order discount available.From the award winning team of Phillip Gwynne and Tony Flowers comes this laugh-out-loud tale of a grandma and her tattoo, and the excitement it causes at her granddaughter’s school.
A celebration of diversity, this beautifully illustrated book reminds us that tattoos are never just skin-deep, that each tattoo tells a story, inked chronicles of a life lived.
Readers of all ages and cultures will keep the pages turning – What tattoo, exactly, did Grandma get?

Phillip Gwynne

Philip Gwynne was born in 1958 in Melbourne and grew up with seven brothers and sisters in South Australia where his stories about Blacky, Dumby Red and Clarence are also set.

Tony Flowers

Tony is a passionate illustrator with a love of the absurd and the silly. Tony has received international recognition for his works at illustration competitions in America, Italy, Japan and England.

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